A first attempt at buttonholes

by Stephanie on 1 June 2010

in Making clothes,Sewing

three test buttonholes on a scrap of fabric

My sewing machine has a one-step buttonhole so it’s really not that complicated, but I did feel a great sense of achievement when I got it to work.

You can see my progress in the picture:

  1. Realise that the machine starts sewing backwards first rather than forwards, and that I’m far too close to the edge of the fabric. Abandon buttonhole and reset the machine.
  2. Find that I’m sewing a very long buttonhole, and that the buttonhole lever is not pulled down as far as it can go after all. Abandon buttonhole and reset the machine.
  3. Success! One complete buttonhole that’s the right size. I used my seam ripper and embroidery scissors to cut it open.

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