Knitted cloche 1920s style

Finished things 11 January 2011
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This hat turned out to be very 1920s in style – feel like I should be dancing the Charleston when I’m wearing it. I like the feel of the fabric – knitting on this size of needles makes it very dense. The hat has a shaped brim in linen stitch; the main body of the […]

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‘Gneissic’ drop stitch scarf

Finished things 24 October 2010
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I’ve finished my scarf and I’m really pleased with it – I like the texture, and it must be one of the quickest things I’ve ever knitted. I’m not a fast knitter (by a long, long way) but the scarf grows at about 10-15 cm every quarter hour. The finished scarf is about 2m long […]

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An unseasonal drop-stitch scarf

Knitting 2 July 2010
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It’s been a sunny 25 degrees for the last week and I’m getting ready for a holiday in Turkey so I’ve decided to start knitting a scarf. A thick woollen scarf is not something I will be needing in Turkey – not at all – oh well. I’m really pleased with the look of the […]

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