‘Gneissic’ drop stitch scarf

by Stephanie on 24 October 2010

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Me posing in scarf

I’ve finished my scarf and I’m really pleased with it – I like the texture, and it must be one of the quickest things I’ve ever knitted. I’m not a fast knitter (by a long, long way) but the scarf grows at about 10-15 cm every quarter hour. The finished scarf is about 2m long and 12cm wide – it needs to be quite narrow as the yarn is so bulky.

Free download of scarf pattern

You can download the pattern as a PDF (457kb). It’s also available on Ravelry.

Drop stitch

The scarf is knitted using Rowan Big Wool on 8.0mm needles – though any soft, super bulky wool would give the same effect. The stitch is drop stitch, also known as ladder stitch and sea foam stitch.

Scarf hanging in a tree

The texture is made by adding extra stitches in using ‘yarn forward’ then dropping them and unravelling them back to the row they was made on. To drop the stitch you just slide it off the left-hand needle instead of knitting it. Unravelling the stitches is very satisfying.

Knitting and rocks

In a sad, geologist type of way this scarf reminds me of metamorphic rocks – a garnet-rich gneiss to be precise, like this one:

Gneiss rock boulder

Anyone else see it? Maybe not…

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balzac October 24, 2010 at 9:03 pm

Yes, I see it. Thanks for the pattern. I’ve been looking for something like it — have some pencil roving from, o, I forgot the name of the company, Stockridge Ranch, or something, from Oregon, U.S. Anyways, will try it out.


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