Making clothes

Chunky grey jumper design and yarn

Design & ideas 15 November 2016
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I’d like to knit a chunky jumper to wear in winter with short skirts, tights and boots. I want it to be relatively close-fitting – not a big or boxy jumper – though I will probably be wearing it over a couple of thinner layers. I’m tempted by cable patterns but this is going to [...]

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Getting started with Japanese sewing patterns

How to... 29 September 2016
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There are loads of great Japanese sewing pattern books with amazing designs. Some of them have been translated into English and some are only available in Japanese. Almost all the books are organised in the same way: pictures of the clothes first, followed by diagrams and instructions for each project and, finally, a full-size pattern [...]

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‘Leaf T-shirt’ knitted short-sleeve top

Finished things 26 September 2016
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Just in case anyone’s been wondering what happened with the Leaf top I was knitting (and I sincerely hope that the uncertainty has not been the cause of five years of sleepless nights)… I did finish it in the end. Do I actually wear it? Occasionally. Anyway for completeness, here it is from the front… [...]

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Dressmaking – the re-match

Making clothes 23 September 2016
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I’m back! Apologies to my loyal readers (hello Alison) for the prolonged absence. Anyway, I thought I’d give this whole clothes-making thing another go… First though, for reasons I can’t quite fathom, I feel compelled to do a round-up of the previous batch of clothes that I made. Time to play pass or fail… Pass [...]

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Trousers that fit (or not)

Design & ideas 11 November 2011
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I haven’t done much dressmaking lately as I’ve been conducting an experiment to find out just how long one person can take to make a pair of curtains. The curtains are finally finished (making the second one was much, much quicker than making the first) so I thought I’d turn my attention to my trouser [...]

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