Trousers that fit (or not)

Design & ideas 11 November 2011
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I haven’t done much dressmaking lately as I’ve been conducting an experiment to find out just how long one person can take to make a pair of curtains. The curtains are finally finished (making the second one was much, much quicker than making the first) so I thought I’d turn my attention to my trouser […]

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Hong Kong finish for seams

How to... 15 August 2011
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This method for dealing with seam edges gives a very neat finish. It’s more time-consuming than some of the other methods as you need to cut bias strips of fabric, there are two lines of stitching for each seam and a lot of pressing but it does look nice… To start, cut 2.5cm-wide bias strips […]

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Drawstring cargo skirt

Finished things 31 July 2011
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This is a casual skirt that I made from olive-green chino fabric as an alternative to wearing shorts in the summer. The measurements for the skirt are based on some drawstring trousers from SEW Everything Workshop and a concealed zip A-line skirt that I made. I wanted to make the skirt quickly so just used a […]

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Fishtail lace and cables scarf

Finished things 25 April 2011
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I found this pattern written in a notebook – it’s for a scarf that I made ages ago. Seeing as it was about the only thing that I wrote in the notebook, I thought that I’d put it here instead. The pattern for the scarf was  inspired by old guernseys from the north-east of England, […]

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Fitted a-line dress – finished at long last

Finished things 16 April 2011
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Oops, I just realised that I never got round to publishing this post – just a few bits and pieces to finish off the A-line dress stuff. I can’t quite believe that it took me three months to make the dress. OK, so I wasn’t exactly sewing continuously for all that time, but even so… […]

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